March 4, 2015

Broadside Bash: April 25th-26th 2015

The past few weeks I have been searching the internet for a Gaming Con for my son and I attend this Spring. I came accross the following events: Kingdom-Con, Kublacon, Gamex (Wizard World Vegas was also in the mix for my middle son to meet Norman Reedus), the problem with Wizard World is, it is the same weekend as Kingdom-Con.
With these events only 2-3 months away, I have been patiently waiting for a list of scheduled events so I could request my vacation days and book our hotel room. Coming from Chicago, helping to run events at AdeptiCon and playing in events, I guess I have become spoiled in the way they run their event and have their schedules posted as soon as they can so everyone can make arrangements. The three cons I have mentioned above still do not have all their events posted.
I first started to look into Kingdom-Con in San Diego, CA the weekend of April 23rd-April 26th. Just this week they started to list a few events. Warmachine events (which I am no longer interested in) and The Broadside Bash, a 2 day GW GT Style Tournament for Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40K. At this moment I do not feel like I am ready for a 2 day tournament (been looking for smaller 1 day events and other events) and possibly to have some more time to try other games. But I decided to keep the Broadside Bash on the list.
I then decided to look at Kublacon up in the San Francisco, CA area over Memorial Day weekend. Their website is a little bit more up to date and had a lot more events posted. They had listed for that Sunday a 3 day Warhammer 40K RTT at 1500 points. I thought this would be perfect for my son and I. Unfortunately the event was still listed as 'proposed'. I then contacted the organizer of the event and the miniature coordinator for Kublacon, and they both informed me that there was a scheduling issue for the event and it does not look like it was much for going to Kublacon then....I probably could have found other things to do that weekend there, but I really wanted to get in some Warhammer 40K.
Next I looked at Gamex 2015 out in Los Angeles also over Memorial Day weekend. At this point on their website, the events are very limited and there are no 40K events listed yet. I also contacted the gaming group who usually runs the events out there, at this time they did not have anything planned.
Now we come to Wizard World Vegas.... plus side I could have had a free hotel (timeshare), downside was the price to enter Wizard World, especially for the main reason we would be going which is the photo-op and autograph session with Norman Reedus. The VIP package for Norman Reedus is $350.00 plus an additional $150 for 2 more tickets for my other son and myself. $500 just to get into Wizard World. I went to plenty of them back in Chicago growing up (back in the day when it was still for the comics and DC/Marvel would actually attend these events), nowadays its more for the celebrities and a giant vendor hall.
I thought about still attending Wizard World Vegas (instead of the other three) and then just look for a gaming con in the fall. There was not really much coming our way this Fall either. So this morning I elected that we would be attending Kingdom-Con in San Diego and that we will be playing in the Broadside Bash Warhammer 40K Tournament. I know I am going to get 'whipped', but I am going to play with the mentality to 'just to have fun'. Hopefully once they release the full schedule of events, we can also find things to do on Thursday afternoon and Friday.
I am really hoping that I am going to enjoy Kingdom-Con, I really do miss AdeptiCon have only been back twice since moving to Arizona 10 years ago.
"Just going to go to have fun!!!"


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