July 10, 2011

WM: Khador Kommander Harkevich (Warcaster)

It has been nearly 5 months since I last painted a miniature (WM: Mercenaries Phinneus Shae) but yesterday I finally sat down at the painting table and worked on my new "Kommander Harkevich" model that I picked up a few weeks ago.

"Kommander Harkevich" was a bit intimidating when I first looked at him, the detail Privateer Press is adding to their models in just amazing, and since it has been awhile since I last painted, I was a little scared.  Once I actually sat down and started applying the paint to the model, the flow was with me.  He was not actually that bad to paint.

It feels good to finally paint again and be able to play a few games.  I probably will not overload myself with painting like I have in the past (so I do not burn out again, plus work has really been busy), but If I can paint a model a week, I will be happy.

Harkevich's Warjack "Black Ivan" comes out this Wednesday, I am going to have to add this model to my Khador army.  Plus I still have a "Kommander Sorscha" model and two Warcaster's for my son's 'Cygnar' army that I need to paint, plus a few miscellaneous models I still have for 'Khador'.  So much for slowing down!

Kommander Harkevich
Kommander Harkevich
Kommander Harkevich
Kommander Harkevich
Painting Points: 1

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