March 29, 2010

Daily Chronicle: 3/29/2010: ACON 2010 Recap

I dont have much time at the moment to blog, busy getting the place packed and ready for the moving truck on Wednesday, but I just wanted to do a quick recap for my weekend at AdeptiCon 2010.

First I wont to thank everyone involved with AdeptiCon 2010, I know it takes a lot of work to run an event like this, so THANK YOU.

With already taking this week off from work, I was not able to take Friday off to attend any events, so Friday night my son and I hit the Con to check-in for the weekend, and to check-in our 40K Team for Saturday.

Saturday, my son and I were playing in the Warhammer 40K Team Tourney (4 man event).  Our team, "Taros II" consisted of all four of our team members playing Imperial Guard.  Myself and Allan H were playing Cadians, Jeff F was playing Elysians and my son was playing Tallarns.  It was a blast and I had 4 good games.  Each Mission was broken down into Primary, Secondary and Tertiary objectives.  For Primaries I went 2-1-1, for Secondaries, 2-1-1 and for Tertiaries 1-1-1 (there was only 3).  So I am happy for how I did this year.  Overall out of 110 teams that we played, we placed someplace in the 50's.  So it was a good showing for us, especially for a group of guys who just wanted to play for fun.

Sunday, I entered into the Warhammer Fantasy Team Tournament (2 man event) with my great friend Chris W here in Chicago.  This event we were going for the wins.  Our team name was "Double Dynamite", I was playing a shooty Dark Elves list with 84 shots per round, Chris was playing Daemons with Magic and Combat.  The teams we played were; Empire/Dwarfs, Wood Elves/Wood Elves with double Treeman's, and Wood Elves/Empire with Treeman and Steam Tank.  There were times in our games where I didnt think we were going to pull it out, but with Chris as a General, we managed to go 3-0 and won by close to 1000 victory points per game.  My double Bolt Throwers really paid off.  We did not happen to win any awards (we did not have an elaborate display base, and our painting is average to above average), but I think we still placed in the Top 10.  The results for the event have not been posted yet, but I really do hope that we placed high.

So for next year what am I going to do.  Not sure at the moment, one of our 40K teammates may play in the singles Championship so we may not have a team, and for the Fantasy Team Tournament, I'm going to let Chris lay with another local player.  So I'm thinking that I'll probably also just play in the 40K Championships, have my son play one last year in the 40K Youngbloods event and maybe play in the LoTOW tournament (if Jay decides to run one).  We'll then take a day to just relax and enjoy the rest of the con, demo games, seminars and so on.  We'll see what happens, I have a year to plan.

OK, back to packing..... next time I'll be blogging from Arizona....  stay tuned....


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