March 15, 2010

Daily Chronicle: 3/15/2010

I know it has been two weeks since I last posted anything, but with the move back to Arizona in a few more weeks all my hobbying supplies and models have already been packed.  I really did not want to wait to the last minute to pack everything so we have been getting items packed when we can.  So my hobbying blogs have been limited.

I have been working on a few army lists for a couple of armies that I have in the painting queue.  I'll try and post an Ork list I have been working on later today.

Other than that, just before I left back to Chicago after GitD 2010, I did pick up a Tyranid Hive Tyrant for my Tyranid army.  So I now have my Termagants and Hive Tyrant for that Army.  Assembly/painting will commence in a few more weeks once I get my painting station all settled in Arizona.

The first items that will get completed once I move will be to finish my Imperial Guard.  4 Heavy Bolters, 4 Chimeras and 1 Hellhound is all that is left to complete and I will have 2000 points completed.  I know I will be busy getting the new place all decorated when we move, but my goal is to also get the above completed by that first full week.  We will arrive on Easter weekend, barring any late night "work" items, by the following weekend they should all be completed.  Let's hope.  I really want to start playing with the full army and moving onto to painting the Tyranids.

One problem I have is that I am currently out of my "The Army Painter" 'strong tone' dip.  So I think for the rest of the IG models I will be moving to a brown shade from the "Minwax" line.  Hopefully they will look pretty close in color.  I will continue with the "Minwax" brand when I work on the Nids and future armies.  Cost and ease of purchasing are the main reasons for the switch.

Other items of mention:  AdeptiCon 2010 March 26th-28th is only two weeks away.  My armies for the Warhammer 40K Team Tournament and Warhammer Fantasy Team Tournament are all set.  Looking forward to one last big gaming weekend before the drive out.

Also in September of 2010, "Tide of War" will be coming back in Phoenix, AZ.  A friend of mine has been running that Fantasy event for the last three years.  This year they will be adding a 40K tournament also.  Both events will be taking place on separate weekends so that everyone has a chance to play in both events.  The Fantasy event will be called "Blood in the Sand" and the 40K event will be called "Desert Assault".  All the rules and information should be posted soon for both events.  So be sure and check out "Tides of War".


  1. Hmmm... I'm actually free the weekend of Desert Assault. Sounds like a trip to Phoenix for the weekend in order. I'll have to see if any of my group wants to ride with.

  2. Thats Great!, hope you and group can make it out. I'll post here on my blog and on once all the rules are out. Look for them to be there by mid April.

  3. Dean IOG stocks the Army Painter Dip. The more I use this product the more I am moving away from Midmax. I understand the cost factor with Army Painter. Be safe on the move and welcome back to the Valley.

  4. Double Thanks.
    I did not realize IOG carries it. Did you mean to spell "Midmax" or was that a typo? If it was intentional, is it because you dont like Minwax? Please let me know, the only dip I have ever tried/used has been TAP.

  5. Minwax is what I should have typed. My fingers and mind were not on the same page. I feel that the Minwax is too thick and can pool on the model. Then when I dull coat it the dip orange peels. The Army Painter is thinner and does not pool as much. It is just from my experience with dipping models.