January 2, 2010

A New Year, 2010!

Already 2010.... WOW!... December was a good month for getting things done in the hobby. Not sure if I finished what I wanted to for December.... lets see.

Imperial Guard
1. Finish priming the rest of my Troops for my 1750 point list. NOPE
2. Get 3 more Foot Troop units painted (24 guys). This will have all my "Troops" done. Just Command Squads, Special Weapons, Heavy Weapons will be all that's left. NOPE
3. Possibly start on a Chimera if I have any primer left over. NOPE

I did manage to get a Special Weapons squad and a Leman Russ Executioner done.
I'll be really kicking it into high gear for Jan/Feb to get my Chimera's and Hellhound done. I need these done for AdeptiCon. The rest of the 1750 will eventually get done.

Wood Elves
1. Finish rebasing the rest of the Wood Elves. NOPE
2. Finish a unit of Glade Guard that I started almost 2 years ago. They are half done. Will try the dip on them. YES
3. Assemble a unit of Glade Riders that my son receive last year for Christmas. Not sure if I will be building all 8 or just 5. Need to check with my friends who play WE's on whats the best way to run Glade Riders. YES

I managed to finish 2 units of Glade Guard, just one more unit to go. I assembled and primed them, just need to finish painting them. I also assembled a unit of (3) Treekin they he received for Christmas. These may get done next. They look like they will paint up pretty fast.

Dark Elves
1. Finish up my 3x10 units of Warriors with Crossbows. YES
2. Finish a unit of Warriors with HW/Shield (20). NOPE
3. Assemble another unit of Warriors with HW/Shield (20) YES

I did get quite a bit done on the Dark Elves. Just havent painted the Warriors yet. My entire 2250 point army is assembled (including the Hydra). My Harpies finally arrived and also assembled those. I managed to paint up all of my Heroes (see earlier post), and I am currently working on my Bolt Throwers.

Again my goal for the Dark Eleves will be to get my 1000 points I need for AdeptiCon first, then we'll work on the rest of the 2250. It's looking like the 1000 will be done pretty quickly.

So, what's for January...... I need to continue working on the above 3 armies. That will be my priority for awhile. Skaven will have to wait for the Summer. I really want to finish the Dark Elves first. Regarding W40K, I'll probably just finish up the IG and play with them for awhile. There is plenty I can do with IG to expand on them. Not sure if I'll be starting up a new W40K army in 2010. We'll just have to wait and see. There is still so much I have for IG and Space marines to do...... let alone close to 1750 points of Orks that I have that are in bare plastic.... can we say "dip"......

Now onto the big news for 2010. Looks like we will be moving back to Arizona come Summer time. We were looking for a new rental here in Illinois and have not found anything to our liking. My wife now misses the "new" of Arizona. So it looks like we will be heading back.....


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