January 12, 2010

W40K: IG Hellhound Part 1

This past Sunday morning for some unknown reason I woke up around 3:00 AM. I could not fall back asleep so I said to myself might as well start to build my Hellhound. The night before I had swung by the GW Battle Bunker and picked up the new plastic kit. Once again, kudo's to GW with their new kits. The tank assembled with no problems at all. One thing I noticed while assembling the tracks was that they were not numbered like they are for the Leman Russ. This was not a problem since the track assembling has grooves for where the tracks lay in.

It took me about 3 hours to complete the model, that includes my smoke and coffee breaks. I went to go and prime the tank afterwards, and I was completely out of my Desert Yellow spray. Oh well, it will have to wait till next payday and I'll place an order with The Warstore.

I ended up using magnets for both of the weapon locations. The turret weapons came out really nice and you will not notice any difference. The hull weapon kind of sticks out a bit. I may need to use some plastic card and create a little housing around each of the weapons. Since there are three different variants of the Hellhound, the magnets will make it easier to swap them around.


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