December 26, 2017

Hordes: Minions Dracodile Unboxing

Back at the end of November, I was able to get my pre order in for the new Minions Dracodile (deadline was December 1st) from the new spin off company of Privateer Press called Black Anchor Heavy Industries.

The new Dracodile was suppose to ship by December 15th but last week Privateer Press said there was a delay in getting the free t-shirts in time which caused an over all delay in shipping the models.  They decided to go ahead and ship the models without the t-shirts, but there was no guarntee they would arrive in time for Christmas.

Well Friday December 22nd my Dracodile showed up on my doorstep, in time for Christmas.  I was in no real rush to have it built right away, so I decided to have my wife wrap it up and Santa would deliver it to me for Christmas.  

This is the one model I have been waiting for ever since I started collecting/painting my Minions.  I am hoping that the Dracodile will spark my interest in Warmachine/Hordes for 2018.

Well Christmas came yesterday, and here is the unboxing of my Dracodile.

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