June 4, 2014

Bolt Action: Errata and FAQ Updated 05/30/2014

Warlord Games released this morning an updated Errata/FAQ for Bolt Action.

Alessio Cavatore has been busy working on an update to make tank pinning a little more realistic – you can check out the results in our free PDF download.
There are also various other clarifications as well as rules for the Luftfaust rocket launcher and Krumlauf assault rifle from the Last Levy boxed set (allowing you to fire round corners!).

Here are some of the changes:
  1. Pinning against vehicles has changed to make it a little harder to Pin enclosed vehicles.
  2. Units that are receiving fire from a Mortar must now move at least 1" to re-set the firing sequence.
  3. Snipers hit as normal against units inside buildings.
  4. LMG loader rule is clarified.  You can change the loader each turn, but for more realism they recommend to assign a man to be the loader for the entire game.
There are also a few other changes and army book errata/faq's.

"The Demo Gamers" blog has also updated their excellent Main Rulebook Index he has created and can be found HERE.


  1. I was sad to see they did not fix open top pinning as well. Unfortunately, half tracks are just about useless.

    1. Agreed... Plus I have a M10 in my queue for my son and its 'open topped'...