January 31, 2014

Bolt Action: Soviet Union 'Anti-tank Rifle Team'

The paint finally hit the brush and last night I was able to start on my Soviet Union army for Bolt Action.  I have 1000 points I need to paint before the weekend of February 22nd-23rd and the 'green flag' has dropped.

I wanted to 'test' my paint scheme for the infantry before I got too invested in it, so I decided to start on a 2 man 'Anti-tank Rifle Team'.  This was going to give me an idea on how I liked the colors for the uniforms.  I based my color selection from the 'Soviet Army Paint Set' from Vallejo.

I was actually really impressed on how this team turned out and I like the color selection.  I am trying to speed paint this army for the tournament, but at the same time have a nice looking army.  I think I accomplished that.

Soviet Union: Anti-tank Rifle Team
Soviet Union: Anti-tank Rifle Team
Tonight I will be starting on my 81mm Medium Mortar Team and hopefully have them completed later in the evening, then the weekend will be spent working on the infantry units.

Painting Points: 2


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