January 29, 2014

Daily Chronicle: 1/29/2014

With my absence from gaming the last 2 years, I had lost my .com "www.theoldwestchronicle.com" to someone in China and had to revert back to the default Blogger address "theoldwestchronicle.blogspot.com".  Today I decided to get my old address back but with .net.  So this site can be reached via blogspot or the new www.theoldwestchronicle.net  Any items that I still work on that are Games Workshop related can still be found at www.adeptusarizona.com

An update on my Soviet army: My remaining bases have arrived and I was able to base the models that I do have (I am waiting for a few single infantry to arrive to complete my 'free rifle selection').  Today I will start to prime some of the infantry models and hopefully tomorrow night actually start applying some paint to the models.  After this weekend I will have a better understanding if I think I can complete the army in time for Gathering in the Desert.  I really do want to get them done in time, but I also do not want to really rush them and be unhappy with the finished product.  So we shall see.


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