October 31, 2010

WFB: The Start Of A Lizardmen Army

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The other day a friend of mine was looking to unload a Lizardmen Battalion box that he had an extra.  Lately's he's been playing Warmachine/Hordes and I had some extra WM/H models lying around.  SI I mentioned to him that I had some Everblight/Skorne/Orboros models that I no longer needed.  He was intersted in my Orboros.  Seeing how I will probably not have time to play Hordes I traded all of my Orboros (abut $150 in retail) for the Lizardmen Battalion.  Yes he got an good deal, but at least for me the Lizardmen models will get some use instead of just sitting in the garage.

Yesterday was also "Mercenary Market" at Empire Games here in Mesa, AZ.  Mercenary Market is like a flea market.  You setup the items you want to sell on a table, and all transactions are actually handles through the cash register of the store.  At the end of the day you then receive store credit so you can purchase any new items.  You are also allowed to use your store credit to make purchases from other individuals who are selling items.  So I decided to bring along the painted Everblight and Skorne armies, Warrhammer 40K Orks, Warhammer 40K Thousand Sons, unopened Blood Bowl, Flames of War Campaign Box, 2 gangs for Necromunda, 2 fleets for Battlefleet Gothic.  I priced my items to sell.  I did not need them to sit around anymore.  I was able to unload everything but the Skorne and FoW campaign box.  So I then earned some money to go shopping.

I picked up another Lizardmen Battalion, Slann Mage Priest and a Battle Standard Bearer.  I also purchased some more items for my son's High Elves army that will be given to him at Christmas.

Last but not least, a fellow gamer here in the Valley who has his own painting studio "Tainted Brush" was advertising some Stegadon's he had for sale here on our local forums.  He had three Stegadon's for sale.  I wish I could have bought all three, but with the holiday's just around the corner and just coming back from Disneyland, I was only able to purchase one.  He was able to swing by Empire Games last night to drop off.

I know have over 2000 points in Lizardmen to get me started.  I'd like to eventually change up some of the models in the list, but for now I'll mostly run with what comes in the two Battalions.

Here is a shot of the Stegadon that was added to my army.


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