October 17, 2010

Battle Report: WFB Empire vs. Dwarfs

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Last week the family and I had spent the week at Disneyland in California.  I decided that one of the days my son and I would just relax and visit the LA Battle Bunker for a game while the rest of the family enjoys the day at the park.

The LA Battle Bunker does not open till 12:00 PM, but Brookhurst Hobies opens at 11:00 AM so we decided to swing by there first to see if there was anything that we needed.  Brookhurst Hobbies offers 20% off Games Workshop products so I was hoping that they had what I needed.

What my son and I were really looking for was the Warhammer High Elves Army Book and the new High Elves Battalion box.  They had neither, seems like the new Battalion has not yet made it to some of the stores.  So I decided to pick up a High Elves Prince for my son, Skaven Clan Rats and Doomwheel for myself.  Now it was time to move on to the LA Battle Bunker.

When my son first entered the Bunker, he ran right to the Army Books (he was anxious about the High Elves), well they had his Army Book and he was thrilled.  They did not have the newer High Elves Battalion, but they still had the older style.  So we also decided to add that to our list.  I added a Skaven Grey Seer, Warlock Engineer and a Warp Lighting Canon for myself.  Now it was time to get in some gaming.

After perusing through all the tables we finally settled on one.  The terrain on the table looked perfect for our game and we started to unload the armies.  My son was going to be playing 2000 points of my Empire Army, and I was playing 2000 points of Dwarfs.  Since we are still learning 8th Edition of Fantasy, we kept the magic to a minimum to speed the play of the game.

We randomly rolled for the scenario and we rolled "Blood and Glory".  This was the first time either of us were playing this mission.  Each of our armies had a "Fortitude" of '7' and the "Break Point" for both of us was '2'.  Each banner is worth 1 Fortitude and 2 for the General.  Once an army hits their "Break Point" the game is over.  If both armies break at the same time, then the game is decided on Victory Points.

This was a tough fun game.  Turn 1 did not go so well for the Dwarfs and I thought it was going to be the day for Empire.  Once the Dwarf Lord entered into Combat, it was a different story.  The Dwarf Lord slashed his way through and was able to secure the Victory for the Dwarfs.

Being the first time we played this scenario, I thought it was a blast.  It is nice change from the standard Pitched Battles.


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