March 2, 2016

Hordes: Trollbloods Pyg Bushwhacker Officer & Mortar (Unit)

I am finally quite happy on how the skin turned out on my Trollbloods. As I mentioned in my previous post, I am still trying to figure out the skin tone for this army. I think with these guys I am satisfied and will be using this technique going forward on the rest of my Trollbloods. I know it is not perfect, the layering could be better, but I like the way the color came out and it did not take too long to complete. I still have a lot more models to paint to finish 2-50 point lists for Master's Lock & Load, so I needed to fins something that paints quickly and still looks decent.
Instead of just using the color 'Trollblood Base' followed with a drybrush of 'Frostbite', with these guys, after the base color, I then layered on 'Meredius Blue' to make them a bit bluer (which I prefer), then just did a few highlights with 'Frostbite' instead of drybrushing the model. I think it looks a lot cleaner this way.
Now I am going to slide the Trollbloods over for a very short while and get my final Unit for my Gators completed, the Croak Raiders. Once this Unit is completed I will then have 2-50 point lists for my Gatormen Blindwater Congregation. This will more than likely be my backup plan for Lock & Load if the Trollbloods do not get completed.

Pyg Bushwhackers Officer & Mortar
Pyg Bushwhackers Officer & Mortar
Painting Points: 2


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