April 27, 2009

Weekend Update 4/27/2009

Didn't really get too much done this weekend. The wife went to Michigan with the middle child to visit her twin sister, so I had the oldest and youngest with me for the weekend. We visited my sister on Saturday and went to lunch at a nice little grill in downtown Glen Ellyn called "2 Toots Train Whistle Grill" its a neat concept where all the tables/booths are next to a Lionel train that runs on the counter and delivers your food to you. Not too many choices on the menu, but the kids enjoyed it. We then swung by the Battle Bunker to chat with friends and to pick up the latest copy of White Dwarf. As soon as I walked in, the Bunker Manager came to me with a copy and had to show me that there was a picture of myself along with everyone else who attended GitD 2009. I guess I'm a celebrity!

Sunday morning we decided to visit Brookfield Zoo for a few hours. It rained off and on, but it was not crowded, so that was nice.

Once we got home I finally got to start painting the Land Raider Crusader. I'm about half way done with it. Hopefully should be done later today/tomorrow. I'll try and get some pics up once its completely done.


  1. Your a celebertiy huh, wow I wonder what that makes me???

  2. Your above Celebrity Status Tim!!!!! There's no name for it :)