May 8, 2018

WM: Khador Man-O-War Assault/Siege Chariot Pre-Order

Yesterday was the last day to pre-order a Khador Man-O-War Assault/Siege Chariot from Black Anchor Heavy Industries and receive a free Truckers Hat.  I thought the hat would look real nice with the T-Shirt I already have from ordering the ‘Dracodile’ late last year so I bit the bullet and placed my order yesterday.  Not sure when this model will get painted (eventually) but it is the first Battle Engine that I have for my Khador army.  I hear there will probably be a Man-O-War box coming out later this year also, I may also need to add that to my Khador army to change it up a bit from playing Winter Guard all the time.

The Man-O-War Assault/Siege Chariot kit includes:

  • Man-O-War Chariot
  • Man-O-War Driver
  • Horses (x2)
  • Weapons and equipment for Man-O-War Assault Chariot
  • Weapons and equioment for Man-O-War Siege Chariot


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