February 7, 2012

WM: Colossals Video Preview

Expansion Introduces Huge-based Warjacks

BELLEVUE, WA, February 3, 2012 – Privateer Press is pleased to announce the next expansion book for its award-winning WARMACHINE tabletop miniatures game, WARMACHINE: Colossals, which will release worldwide July 2012.

The new book introduces colossals to the tabletop—finely detailed super-heavy warjacks on 120 mm bases. When asked about these unprecedented new models, Privateer Press Director of Business Development William Shick said,WARMACHINE: Colossalsembody the next big step for WARMACHINE and Privateer Press. Colossals are the culmination of everything we’ve learned over the last ten years of making miniatures and represent a new pinnacle of WARMACHINE models. Not only are these models loaded with stunning detail, they tower over other models on the tabletop. What’s more, they open up a whole new range of tactics and strategies for WARMACHINE players, making for an even more exciting tabletop experience.”
In addition to one of these all-new colossals for every faction, WARMACHINE: Colossals features new warcasters representing the third incarnations of some of the Iron Kingdoms’ most iconic characters, plus fully compiled and updated Unbound rules, providing enhanced gameplay opportunities for large-scale games of 150 points or more.

The Khador Colossal is really looking like a fun model to play with, the itch once again to play is coming back.  This summer it will be fun to use these in friendly games.


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