September 28, 2011

WM: Cygnar Constance Blaize (Warcaster)

Once again it has been a few months since I lasted painted anything for Warmachine.  The last model I painted was my "Kommander Harkevich" for my 'Khador' army.

Yesterday I had a little downtime so I decided to paint up "Constance Blaize" for my son's 'Cygnar' army.  Constance has been sitting primed on my painting table for a few months so it was finally time to get her done.  Plus for my son's 16th birthday earlier this month, he received the new 'Cygnar' Warjack "Gallant", so I had to finish up "Constance Blaize" so he will be able to play the two together.

I really really really dread painting white, and the detail Privateer Press had on this model was incredible.  It was a little intimidating and I thought I was not going to do the model justice, but I feel she came out alright, at least tabletop quality.

Constance Blaize
Constance Blaize
Constance Blaize

Painting Points: 1


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