June 18, 2011

Daily Chronicle: 6/18/2011 'Wrath and Harkevich'

It has been just about four months since I last posted, and about four months since I really played a game.  I did get my feet wet a few weeks with a quick game of Warmachine with my son and the urge to paint/play more is starting to come back.  I haven't been doing nothing, my other hobby (1/24th slot car racing) has been taking a lot of my time recently and when I get back from vacation next weekend (Las Vegas again) I am going to try and start to manage my time between both hobbies.

What a perfect time to jump back into Warmachine with the release of the new 'Wrath' book this week

and "Kommander Harkevich, The Iron Wolf".

So while I was running out doing some last minute errands before our trip tomorrow, I swung by local game store (Empire Games) and picked up two 'Wrath' books and "Harkevich".  Looking forward to getting this Warcaster painted.  Oh and I love the new Warjacks for Khador!  Cannot wait for their releases......

Hopefully it will not be another four months before I post again :)


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