May 12, 2014

Battle Report: 5/10/2014 X-Wing

It has been a little bit since I last posted a X-Wing battle report (I did play one or two more games since the last report), but this past weekend was all about getting some games in.  Friday night I got in a game of Warhammer Famtasy, Saturday morning, a game of X-Wing and on Sunday a game of Bolt Action.

So on Saturday morning my son and I threw down a quick game of X-Wing before he headed off to work.  I really like playing with two YT-1300's, so I went back to one of those lists.  I ended up playing with APL on both of the YT-1300's, but I may make a tiny change to this list next time I play.  I ended up using APL only once, and no damage was recorded.

Rebels: (Dean)
Han Solo
(Marksmanship, Millennium Falcon, Anti-Pursuit Lasers)
Lando Calrissian
(Veteran Instincts, Nien Nunb, Anti-Pursuit Lasers)

Rebels: (Dragi)
Wedge Antilles
Rookie Pilot
Rookie Pilot
Jan Ors

For the first time I was actually able to fly the two large bases without running into one another, but my son also did a good job flying and like mentioned above, only got to use APL once this game.  My son's Rebels concentrated their fire early on Lando knocking out his shield quite easily.  I made quick work on taking out Wedge and then the Rookie's, but not before the Rookie Pilot's were able to finish off Lando.  It was then down to Han and Jan, and Han easily won that match up.  It was a victory for the double YT-1300's.

The change I am thinking about doing is replacing the APL's and Millennium Falcon upgrades and giving Gunner to Han.  Still debating that option (even though in this game I would not have use Gunner either as Han was on fire with his shooting)


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