July 13, 2009

W40K: Planetstrike Has Arrived

Well, this has been long overdue. Sorry for the lack of updates. With a vacation to Houston at the end of June / beginning of July, and in a rut for GW games, not much was really done last month.

I did manage to paint up my Soviet HQ and a platoon of Soviet T34/85 Tanks, other than that, really did not do any painting.

I'm slowly coming out of my GW rut and did get a game of W40K in against my son on Friday night and it was a good game. I'm still not really feeling it though for the other games. Must be because its summer.......

So while I was on vacation, GW released their newest expansion for W40K called Planetstrike. Friday night while at the GW Bunker getting a game in, I decided to pick up a copy (lately I'm playing more for the fun of the game, rather than the competition) so I'm hoping Planetstrike will be a nice change for those types of games.

I've have not yet had a chance to peruse the book (also picked up the last copy of White Dwarf, so I've been reading that). Hopefully I'll be able to peruse the book a bit later today. If I do get the chance to do so, I may quickly build up two lists and head out to the Bunker tonight. But we'll see. The next two days will be busy at work, so I may not have a chance to play until Thursday or Friday.


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