November 12, 2018

Weekly Chronicle 2018 #45

This past week was a complete opposite of my previous week.  Previously I painted 5 models and played 1 game, and this past week it was painting 1 model and playing 5 games.  I wish I would have painted more, but I knew I was getting ready for my first Guild Ball tournament and I did not want to leave anything unfinished on the painting table.  What I did complete last week was 'Zarola' for the Hunter's Guild.

Currently I have 2 models up in my Painting Queue with plenty in my backlog.  A lot of the times I will re-arrange my queue based on what I feel like painting, but I think I really need to get these next 2 models completed.  I have 'Hearth' for the Blacksmith's Guild and 'Veteran Hearne' for the Hunter's Guild listed as next.  If I complete these 2 models, then both of these Guilds will be fully completed, and that is a nice feeling of accomplishment.  Then I need to think about what will be next, part of me is thinking the Falconer's Guild (starting with the 2 models that can play for Hunter's) and the other part of me is thinking to finish off the Mortician's Guild, currently I only have 8 models completed for the Mortician's, and it would be nice to finish them and maybe play them a my backup Guild.

For games played last week, like I mentioned above, it was 5 games, and they were all of Guild Ball.  I played 2 games with my son, then 3 at this past weekend tournament.  This week we will change it up a little bit and maybe add in a game of Arena Rex and/or X-Wing and possible some Warmachine/Hordes.

Models Completed: 1

Games Played: 5


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