October 31, 2018

Guild Ball: Hunter's Guild 'Snow'

It has been awhile since I last painted a model for my son's Hunter's Guild, but the other night after he decided to give them a try in Season 4, I decided to take one of his unfinished models and throw it on the painting table.  He still had one of his Mascots unpainted and that was 'Snow'.  I took one look at the model and I knew I could get her finished pretty quickly and teased my son that this was "Elsa" (one of our Siberian Huskies).

I actually like the stats on this model and love that she has Loved Creature just like my 'Princess' from the Butcher's Guild.



One of our Huskies, "Elsa" (only 7 months old)

Painting Points: 1


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