September 24, 2018

Weekly Chronicle 2018 #38

Not much painting was completed last week, but I did start on another 10 'Warriors of the Dead' for MeSBG.  I am not sure if they will get completed this week, if anything I may have some time Friday night or Saturday morning, then I have to get ready for vacation next week.

Gaming wise, I did manage to get in 4 games of X-Wing.  The first 2 games were just from the Starter Set, but the last 2 were full 200 point games.  Pictures from game 4 will be posted later today.

Warmachine/Hordes: right now much going on with WM/H.  I still have a lot of models that need to be completed but just do not have the passion at the moment.  If I was more excited for Warmachine Weekend, then maybe.  Warmachine Weekend did finally release a small event schedule, but just a list of the tournament games, non of the fun events yet which is why I was planning to go.  Last night we had a personal setback with a broken dryer, so the funds allocated for WMW may have to go to the new dryer (we shall see).  When I get back from vacation on 10/8 I need to evaluate where I am with Warmachine/Hordes and see if we are still going to WMW.

Arena Rex: nothing new to report here either, no new models completed.  I am hoping to maybe get in a game tonight or Thursday night since it has been over a week since I last played.  If we play Arena Rex tonight, then it will be X-Wing Thursday night or vice versa.

Models Completed: 0

Games Played: 4


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